Hi! ... Maybe I have tuned your piano or you have heard me play a gig. Maybe we met somewhere in person and you are complying with my request to visit my website. Perhaps you were surfing the web and saw " Glenway Fripp" and said, "What the hell is that!"

At any rate here you are so wecome to my site! As I sit here at the Coffee Obsession tanked out on espresso I ask myself "How did I get here?"

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at 5:00 pm on March 3, 1953 (for all you astrologers) I was then quickly moved to New Orleans, where a Voodoo Queen put a powerful spell on me to save me from the 'White Man's Souless Plague'. It seemed to be working. I picked up the guitar at the age of eight. But then, to the horror of the soul gods, the sweet sounds of streaming major seventh chords took over. Agents of the Voodoo Queen then infiltrated the thoughts of my dad. His thinking was, "My lost son Glenway is living in this affluent society surrounded by material comforts. Too many spoonfed entitled friends. He needs to see how the rest of the world lives." Flash to spring break 1967 when he drags me out of my preppy comfort life down to Haiti, the most impoverished country in the western hemisphere, which happens to also be the Voodoo capitol of the world. For two weeks the drums spoke to me every night revealing their subtle yet powerful truths. The thoughts of money and power evaporated leaving us the only truth to be the rhythm of life. I bought a Voodoo drum so it could talk to me after I returned to the cold, cold, cold of New England. I would stare at the drum and three-dimensional faces of timeless souls would appear in the wood grain. I would meet musicians in my dreams who would reveal to me their secrets. Were they real?

I started my quest for the drum, the quest for the music. Where I was or what it seemed I was doing became incidental accompaniment to the theme of my life, to become a musician...(cont.)

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