QuasiModal is my beloved jazz trio with Catherine Cramer on drums and Jim Peterson on bass. The band was originally formed with Doug Shepro on bass in 1994.

You can hear QuasiModal every Sunday from 11:00am-2:00pm at located at:

Coffee Obsession
38 Water St., Woods Hole, MA
tel# (508)540.cafe

Listen to 'Regretfully Yours' by QuasiModal
Watch a video of QuasiModal at Coffe Obsession
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Compositions ~ I have been composing for 'hire' or for other people's utilitarian purposes for years. Here is a short list of projects completed.

Woods Hole Theater Company:

  • Death Trap - theme and incidental
  • House of Bernada Alba - music for song lyrics
  • Driving Miss Daisy - theme and incidental
  • The Tempest - incidental music and music for song lyrics

Downwind Productions:

  • Synthony in Three Movements ~ intro music for the movie 'Miss Sarejevo'
  • Film score for 'Automatic Drip' the movie

These compositions are a small part of the hundreds of things I've written in the name of keeping the ball rolling. I will be posting more mp3's soon...

Solo Piano ~ So here I was a teenage singer/songwriter trying to write cheesy love songs on my guitar. I walk into a practice where my lifelong friend Tremaine Parsons was seriously honking on the piano. I was blown away by how he had everything going on: bass, chords, melody. I looked sadly at my guitar. I knew my love affair with her was over.

Switching to piano was hard for about four years, but I dogedly kept at it. Until the piano finally yeilded its secrets.

Now, some thirty years later, I think I am finally learning to tame the beast. As well as playing originals and free improv, I play Debussy, Bach, Joplin, Lacouna, J.P. Johnson, show tunes, and anything else I can wrap my hands around. Hire me for your party and find out!

Listen to a piano improv


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