'Blue Montuna' is my ongoing local dance band here on Cape Cod. I am acting in the capacity of bass player and arranger/composer. We do some originals that are mostly written on the spot, inspired by the abilities and inclinations of the players in the band, all of whom I consider my co-writers. The players are:
  • Richie Grace ~ Drums
  • Paul Shoemaker ~ Keys
  • Matt Palermo ~ Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
  • John Squib and Marianne Rooney ~ Reeds
  • and me on the bass

We hope for a Demo soon (stay tuned)

'Buzzards Bayou' Buzzards Bayou is a new
Zydeco and Cajun band formed by Jonathan Larkin . The members include Jonathan Larkin on accordion, Amy Larkin on fiddle, Dermott Whittaker on guitar, Jim Spooner on Drums and me on Bass .


Projects continue...

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